Welcome to ActionLamb’s blog!

My given name is Steve (Stephen) Lamb. I’ve been writing for a number of blogs for many years – the most prominent being my work blog (titled “Security Matters”) and my twitter stream.

This blog is my personal blog – I’ve toyed with writing one for a long time and am excited about sharing some thoughts and hopefully learning from those of you who choose to share your views through comments.

Why “ActionLamb”?

It’s an old nickname that came about as I’m into a wide range of sports that many people regard as being extreme including the following:

  • Snowboarding – riding a Burton Custom
  • SCUBA Diving – warm and cold water as long as there’s something interesting to see
  • Climbing (mainly indoor “top roping” though I’m looking forward to getting into “sport climbing” this Summer
  • Skateboarding – I ride a longboard around London – often wearing a suit as I go to meetings on it too.
  • Freestyle Windsurfing – essentially going as fast as I can powered only by mother nature – I have a long way to go when it comes to pulling cool moves!
  • Freestyle Kayaking – I’m an instructor though rarely teach these days due to being into so many other things
  • Surfer – I’m not shy when the surf’s up though my expertise leaves something to be desired!

I’m also into some gentler pursuits too:

  • Running – seriously considering going for the London Marathon in 2010 – didn’t make this year’s ballot. Thoroughly enjoyed the London Parks Half Marathon last year and will be taking part again this year too.
  • Adventure Racing – had a go for the first time a couple of months ago on the Helly Hansen race in the Lake District – it was essentially a triathlon with 25K off-road mountain biking, 10K running and 2K kayaking plus some additional “challenges”
  • I’m a keen photographer – I publish some of my pictures to my Flickr stream.

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