Fancy joining me for a run around London? (broken link fixed)

I started running last year having enjoyed the challenge of completing an NSPCC 5Km (fun) run at work last June. As it was just meant to be fun I hadn’t bothered doing any training – hence I sufferred for the following four days with really painful knees and general aches and pains.

I really enjoyed the challenge of the 5Km though and decided that with some training I’d be game for running it again next time around. Shortly afterwards an old friend of mine mentioned that the London Parks Foundation’s  inaugural half marathon was due to take place in October – she was one of the organisers – it didn’t take much effort for her to pursuade me to sign up.

I learned from my experience in the 5Km that I really had to get down to some training if I was to have any chance of running 13 miles in one go – I gathered that spreading it out over a week wasn’t the done thing!

I didn’t train as hard as all the guides recommended though started off with a good level of basic fitness due to the other sports I engage in – my pre-race total mileage was just fourty two miles – it was enough though and I thoroughly enjoyed the half marathon.

I found the run particularly difficult from mile eight which is hardly surprising as that’s the furthest I’d run before. It was such an interesting and rewarding experience to participate in such a huge event – over ten thousand people who’d dragged themselves out training in the weeks and months before the day itself.

I’m hopeful that on my second attempt I’ll receive a place for the London Marathon.

Here’s the correct link to the ballot site – go for it if you’re brave/mad/stupid/enthusiastic enough!

I’m running for UNICEF in a number of other races in the meantime hence would rather not be tied to a minimum fundraising amount for a guaranteed place – chances are I’ll do it anyway if I hear back in October that the only option is to do so.

I’ve thumbed through the creative commons licensed images on Flickr (as I often do) and particularly like the following shots:

Go on – you know you want to!

If the marathon seems like a barmy idea then perhaps it’s worth thinking about the London Parks Foundation’s half marathon as there’s plenty of time to train for it – six whole months!


One response to “Fancy joining me for a run around London? (broken link fixed)

  1. Why didn’t you use the pics of you running from my blog in this post? 😛

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