Is Ghost Blogging Ethical?

This post was inspired by @steveology ‘s discussion at whereby a number of people agreed to share their views on the subject. As agreed in advance I have not read the other posts though am looking forward to doing so after I’ve published.

The short answer is “No – Ghost Blogging is not ethical” though I’d like to explore the subject a little further.

“Ghost Writing” of books and newspaper/magazine articles seems to be commonplace. I wonder how many readers consider this when reflecting upon the content.

Some public figures both in commerce and the civil service rely upon “Professional Speech Writers”.

I gather that even “The Queen’s speech” is written by her government though that’s perhaps a special case given steeped in tradition that I’m not familiar with.

Is Ghost writing acceptable in these cases? The more I hear of these cases the less comfortable I feel about it.

Given the choice I’d rather listen to music written by the band than something created by a third party. That said I’m sure there are many cases where acknowledge third parties wrote the music that I thought had been written by the band – the difference is it’s easy to find out as the accrediatations are published.

In a social media context transparency is a core tenant – it’s one of the attributes that makes it so interesting. Being able to exchange ideas and points of view with individuals is very rewarding.

Imagine hearing an incredible speech and then finding that live questions afterwards yeilded uninformed answers. Clearly Q&A would not be offered for those who had relied entirely on a speech writer.

Speaking to “the messenger” is rarely as interesting as “the source of the message”.

Social Media is a great leveller for those with something interesting to contribute regardless of their social, political or fiscal standing. Ideas count. Contributing counts. Being useful counts. Hiding behind others is foolish.


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