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How to change the license key for Win7

If you have already installed Windows 7 and wish to change the license (or enter one for the first time) then simply log in to the administrator (or equivalent) account and navigate to the following part of the control panel:

Now all you have to do is to hit “change product key” and enter the new license

Note: you need to be signed in (logged on) as an administrator to be able to carry out the task described above.


Win7 cold boot took just 28 seconds on my netbook

Windows 7’s Release Candidate has surprised me once again – on my Samsung NC10 netbook it took just 28 seconds to display the logon screen from hitting the power button – that’s for a cold (machine turned off) boot – resuming from sleep is almost instantaneous!

Just 15 seconds later I was logged in (that includes the time for me to enter my password) and running an application.

While running Windows 7 Beta I very rarely turned my machine off – instead opting to use “sleep” due to the tiny power use and reliable “go to sleep”/”wake up” – I expect I’ll find the same with the Release Candidate.

Amazing – a bare metal Win7 RC install took just 21 mins on Samsung NC10 netbook

Thanks to geognerd for the image

At 9pm this evening I powered up a brand new Samsung NC10 netbook (I subsequently wrote this post from the machine in question) for the first time. I hit “F2” as the power light blinked into life to change the boot device order – making my USB memory stick(thumb drive) the primary.

I didn’t even both letting the machine boot it’s pre-installed Windows XP Home operating system – I simply booted into a  Windows 7 installation, removed the existing partitions and pretty much took the defaults.

At 9:21pm the shiney new NC10 was fully up and running in Windows 7 RC Ultimate edition with aero glass and sound working perfectly.

At 9:25pm I’d connected the machine to the Internet for the first time via my Vodafone 3G card – I have the “pebble” modem which (like most 3G cards these days) automatically provides the associated software and device drivers.

Where did I get the bootable Win7 USB stick?

I build it myself by doing the following:

  • I download the Windows 7 Release Candidate (RC) from here. The resulting file was 2.35Gb in size. 
  • I configured the target USB memory stick to be bootable following the instructions on Jeff’s blog
  • The Windows 7 RC installation kit download was a “.iso” file – I used undisker to extract all of the files (and folders) from the “.iso” and place them on the (now bootable) memory stick

Note: I wrote an earlier post with some guidance that you may find useful

BTW the filename for the Win7 RC installation kit following the 2.35Gb download was “7100.0.090421-1700_x86fre_client_en-us_retail_ultimate-grc1culfrer_en_dvd.iso”

I’m delighted with the result – a fast, lightweight system with a beautiful user interface.

Microsoft Pants Man!

If you’ve been watching the BBC’s “The Apprentice” then you may enjoy the following image that I took at last week’s InfoSec – Ed was given a pair of pants by Graham from Sophos – I politely declined his kind offer!