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Why are car showrooms open during the daytime?

Thanks to Telstar Logistics for the image above

I was recently considering leasing a new company car and hence I visited several main dealer show rooms to crawl around and test drive my short listed vehicles. I visited a couple of showrooms at lunchtime and others either at the weekend or after work. I couldn’t fathom out why on Earth it was near impossible to arrange a test drive for the times I (as a potential customer) could easily fit around my work commitments.

Upon a couple of occasions I took time out of work to visit a dealership during the daytime (in the week) and found the place full of staff and almost empty of customers.

Like many of you I’d researched my vehicle options by reading both reviews and specifications on the vendors websites – all I needed from the showrooms was the opportunity to explore the physical aspects of each and to drive them – the staff in the showrooms added very little value.

From where I’m sat it seems that the way car showrooms (in the UK at least) operate is a hangover from their past and if they were invented from scratch today the entire focus of the service provided would be would be to make it as easy and appealing as possible to select vehicles based on their physical characteristics and driving experience.

Surely dealerships should cater for test drives in the evenings and during the day on both Sundays and Saturdays – currently they’re closed soon after normal working hours and only have a skeleton staff on Sundays.

I wonder how many businesses are long over due for significant re-engineering of the way they interact with prospective customers – making the most of the opportunities provided by the Internet and social media.

Estate agencies face similar challenges and opportunities to re-invent themselves.

BTW: I can’t see a Cadillac being a sensible choice for me in the UK – I just liked the picture 🙂 In the end I purchased a second hand car.