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Win7 cold boot took just 28 seconds on my netbook

Windows 7’s Release Candidate has surprised me once again – on my Samsung NC10 netbook it took just 28 seconds to display the logon screen from hitting the power button – that’s for a cold (machine turned off) boot – resuming from sleep is almost instantaneous!

Just 15 seconds later I was logged in (that includes the time for me to enter my password) and running an application.

While running Windows 7 Beta I very rarely turned my machine off – instead opting to use “sleep” due to the tiny power use and reliable “go to sleep”/”wake up” – I expect I’ll find the same with the Release Candidate.


How much disk space is required to install Win7?

Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit edition takes 8.3Gb following a clean install without any additional applications or data.

I recommend going for a minimum partition size of 15Gb plus whatever you think you’ll need for applications and data.

Windows 7 is very good at making it easy for you to expand or contract the partition sizes post install – there’s no need to re-install or mess about with third party utilities 🙂

To resize a partition simply do the following:

  • type “Computer Management” at what used to be the “Start” menu
  • select “Disk management”
  • select the partition you’d like to resize
  • Click the right mouse button to reveal the menu and pick the appropriate option – “extend” or “shrink”.

Note: the image below has “extend volume” greyed out simply because the area after this partition is fully occupied by another partition.